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From Uplighting to Professional Dance Floor Lighting, we are here to help you deliver a one of a kind reception that will forever have your guests talking!

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We offer:

Uplighting Packages

Sound Active Dance Floor Lighting

Intelligent Lighting



Uplighting is such a great way to really change the atmosphere of your event! Uplighting can really compliment the theme of your night. Whether you want to match the lights with your business colors or give your theme that next push, uplighting is a sure way to change the vibe and bring your party to life!


We also forgot to mention that our uplights are completely wireless! That's right! With wireless LED uplights, the options and designs are limitless!


They even look great on plants, trees and other outside environments. 

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Are you looking for that extra excitement at your event? How about a Confetti Cannon!? They are perfect for stage effects, dance floors, raffles and more!


They also come in various different colors. 


Custom Gobo Monograms are a MUST for every wedding! Let us help you create the perfect Monogram that matches your theme. 

When it comes to Gobos there are so many different options to think about. The classic Gobo option is one that is pictured below. It is fully customizable and is one color. And at the end of the night, the steel Gobo is yours to keep!

There is also a Digital Gobo Monogram option that offers full color and animation as well! This option is definitely a conversation piece! Check towards the bottom of the page for an example!


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Whether it is a wedding or simply a small family gathering, bistro string lighting is an excellent and beautiful choice that will radiate elegance. It will give your event the finishing touch it needs.

Bistro Lighting is a great choice if you want simply beautiful and efficient lighting. Ask us about our many options we have when it comes to italian bistro lighting!

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We have medium and large sized TVs for every occasion. TV Rentals are great for all sorts of events! For meetings, montages, videos, you name it!

If you want to take it a step further, call to reserve one of our projectors and screens!

We can also do any graphic design work needed for your event. 


Custom Animated Gobo Sample!

Designs vary and are fully customizable to whatever you can imagine!

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